Mentee Profiles

Nicholas Yersib

I am Nicholas Yersib (formerly Iyere-isibor. My ID card caries the former surname). I’m a 600L medical student of Unijos. Single and searching (for my MBBS degree please). Nothing really remarkable about me. Born in Lagos. From Edo state. I school and work.

Love decorating, long distance walks, hanging out with people who inspire me, cycling, singing/dancing in secret. I usually like my own company hence i dislike crowds. Volunteered so many times, could be a hard/ frustrating experience sometimes but the eventual joy on the faces of the recipients is priceless.

Goal is character, compassion and competence. Wanna specialize in Community Paediatrics with a strong background in Pathology. Thank you.

Ojile Elizabeth

Hello, I am Ojile Elizabeth your first impression of me may be “a serious minded lady focused on facts ” but beneath all that I enjoy good food.

I love hanging out with friends, traveling, laughing hard, reading and having intelligent conversations with people who inspire me. I dislike disrespect and dishonesty.

Fulfillment for me is serving God, living out my uniqueness daily and using my gifts and substance to make life comfortable for me and others. I look forward to traveling the world someday just to experience.

Juliet Ifechukwu Ezeonugo

Hi, I’m Juliet Ifechukwu Ezeonugo, I am a 24-year old final year medical student. I was born in Jos, grew up in Jos, and I live in Jos. I am the last of 4 children. I am a really happy girl so you’d probably always find me laughing.

I am a bit of a talkative but only when necessary, I pretend I am a shy person sometimes to avoid getting embarrassed (usually doesn’t end well for me). I never learned how to ride a bicycle and fear of getting injured won’t let me try anytime soon.

I like to think I am a kind human cause that’s what the world needs……. hopefully, we’d get there soon. I love dancing and playing games.

I like learning new things cause that’s how I keep my brain in check, so I am happy to be a part of this opportunity.

Adjei Theresa Bernie

Holla I am Adjei Theresa Bernie, a final year medical student from the university of Jos. Am from Taraba but currently based in Jos.

I love to read novels,cook and watch movies mostly Korean movies and action movies. Am also learning the language too #smiles#.

Am grateful to be chosen for this opportunity,I hope to utilize it well and help people through this means.

Amme Samuel Parah

Hello, My Name Is Amme Samuel Parah. I’m a 24 year old 600lvl Medical Student of the University of Jos. I am an indigene of Plateau State who also resides in Jos. My hobbies include reading books, discussing about politics and football, travelling and baking.

I also enjoy community service especially if it involves children and young adults. I love all matters associated with mental health and hope to study more about the human mind. I am very determined and passionate, especially if it concerns topics and activities that are of interest to me.

I am a good team player with great leadership and communication skills.

Erdoo Hilda Adekpe

Hi there!
I’m Erdoo Hilda Adekpe a 23 year old final year medical student.

I love to travel, cook, read and dance. I love art, nature and clean spaces.

Putting smiles on faces is really priceless for me. Helping less privileged people makes me happy. I’m glad to be part of this mentorship program as it’ll help me acquire community health skills in other to execute community projects.

I’m honored to be among the mentees and I promise to put in my best.

Chioma Duru

I’m Miss Chioma Duru. I’m a final year University of Jos student, medicine-in view.

When I realized how much impact I could make in the lives of individuals just by communicating with them,my passion for humanity increased; l became naturally drawn to helping people solve their problems.So this is me seizing the opportunity🥰.

I love empowering myself with books as well as learning from mentors,volunteering when I can,meeting new pals,fashion,cooking,arranging scattered stuff and a business lover😀.

Thank you for this great opportunity Primary Compassionate Care Initiative🥳.

Social media handle:
IG @ Phresh_oma
FB @ Chioma Duru

Uji Mamluher Christabelle

Hello, my name is Uji Mamluher Christabelle. Just call me Chrissie. I’m a medical student in the University of Jos. I am also a makeup artist. I like to think of myself as warm and bubbly.

I love reading fiction, listening to good music, singing, dancing, watching korean dramas ( my favourite actor is Ji Sung, I know right?) and everything makeup and fashion.

I believe the simplest way of showing compassion is by smiling. A smile warms not just the heart that’s being smiled at, but the heart that smiles. I have a lot of love and laughter to give and I am really excited about this opportunity!

Rita Chinenye Amadi

Hy😊 It’s my pleasure to introduce myself. I am Rita Chinenye Amadi. I am an undergraduate in medical training.

I am a hardworking and disciplined person and I like to learn new things and acquire as much knowledge as possible.

I love impacting in my society and reaching out to better my society and environment with the basic experience and knowledge that I have acquired.

My hobbies are; cooking, traveling, and playing games. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I am happy to be a part of this.

Onyedika Bede Ezeani

I am Onyedika Bede Ezeani and I am so pleased to be here 😊. I reside in Jos and i am a medical student at The University of Jos.

I seek to use the programme to challenge myself towards being better and also to give back to society. I like football, music, movies, games. I’ll like to learn skating, swimming and driving. Thanks for this opportunity. I intend to give my best.

Elvis Dapul

Hi, my name is Elvis Dapul, I’m a doctor in training, a fancy way of saying I’m a medical student, in my final year in the university of Jos, I’m 25 years old, born and raised in Jos, I’d like to think of myself as an intelligent, kind, funny and genuine person.

I’m also a high spirited and very passionate about effective leadership and nation building, public health and safety, humanity. I’m equally enthusiastic about food, I love to cook and traveling too. I haven’t done much of that in my life but I can’t wait for when I’ll check it off my bucket list. Lately I’ve been into farming and I’m starting to develop a strong interest for agriculture too.

I enjoy any activity that gives me an opportunity to talk, I love oratory as cheesy as it may sound, I play basketball and less often soccer of which I haven’t really been good at. Not so much of a movie person but I enjoy science fiction, comedy, romantic comedy, adventure and like most people, action too. This is a brief inexhaustible summary of myself.
dicelvis 🙌🙌