Our Team

Dr. Aisha Liman
Founder, Primary Compassionate Care

Dr. Aisha Liman is the founder of Primary Compassionate Care Initiative. Having practiced clinical medicine for some time, her desire to be a humanitarian worker made her move to Borno State in 2015 to work with Doctors Without Borders. This opened the doors to public health practice and her passion to continue in that line. She feels the gaps and disparities that exist can narrow if we apply compassion. Compassion in leadership, compassion in friendship, compassion in service, compassion to self! You name it all, compassion makes it better. She is presently the Senior Health Program Advisor at The Swedish Committee and has worked in a number of countries as a Humanitarian Public Health worker. She is passionate about teaching and this initiative to mentor students hopes to create a platform that would grow and nurture future Public Health Practitioners. Aisha holds dear to her, the most compassionate person she learnt from, who is her late mother and biggest cheerleader. Aisha loves a good laugh and believes there is always a way to have fun in everything. She says perception is everything, and the power to remain sane in this wild world lies in the art of perception.

Pankat Ernest Gurumding
Administrative Program Officer

Pankat Ernest Gurumding is the administrative program officer who supervises, coordinates, and supports the day-to-day activities of the mentorship program and its community visits and representation with stakeholders. He is a teacher, educational administrator, and curriculum planner who is passionate about humanitarian activities. Pankat is inspired by others and addressing their needs. He wants youth to explore their full potential and views mentorship as a method to support their growth. He dreams of a better community for youth to develop in and to provide them the tools necessary to be the best in their fields. Pankat is dedicated to contributing to humanity and making a difference to be the best in their fields and has taken this step to contribute to humanity.

Jacqueline P. Ashby
Technical Advisor

Jacqueline P. Ashby is an environmental researcher and educator intrigued by the transactional relationship between people and place. She has studied this dynamic over the past 14 years resulting in her award-winning dissertation Designing for the future: A post- occupancy evaluation of the Peter Jones Learning Centre. An international speaker on campus ecology, she enjoys facilitating workshops on creating spaces for creativity and innovation. She has a doctorate in education and currently works for the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine. Jacqueline serves as the program coach for the Abbotsford-Mission Family Practice Residency Site and researcher for their post-graduate program. Her research is featured in The Translational Design of Universities: An Evidence-Based Approach (2019) examining the present and future of campus planning and design and in AMEE’s MedEdPublish exploring The Ecology of Care: A Review of the Literature in Clinical Learning Environments (2019).

Tim Fitzpatrick
Project Mentor

Tim Fitzpatrick is the co-founder and CEO of IKONA Health, a company that combines learning science, immersive technologies, and storytelling to improve education in healthcare. His interest in the field resulted from his own experience as a patient while serving in the US Navy. After eighteen months filled with several back surgeries and hundreds of painful wound care treatments, Tim became deeply aware of the role uncertainty plays in affecting a patient’s health outcomes. Following his recovery, Tim spent two years as an institutional equities trader for a bank in New York, where he covered the technology and media sectors. It was through this role that he began to see the potential of emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality in shaping the future of information delivery. Building on his co-founders’ research on clinical applications of virtual reality, Tim launched IKONA Health to help tackle the uncertainties he once faced for others across the globe.